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Services Currently Offered:

  • Web Application/Site Development - Fully custom engineered web applications/sites for any purpose, pricing is highly variable based on your requirements so please include as much detail as possible when you request a quote. Services can be billed either on an hourly or fixed price basis depending on your needs.
  • Linux Server Administration - Take the hassle out of keeping your business's services online and running smoothly, with highly personalised service and industry standard administration practises. Billed on a monthly basis, you will be provided with real time statistics, very frequent backups and can have limited server access granted to your managers/developers to ensure that any accidental mistakes can't affect your business's online presence.
  • IT Consultancy - Not sure the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Need to choose a high performance web server and not sure which is the best choice? Get expert advice on any aspect of IT explained in a basic manner whilst you focus on your business. Consultancy can be offered either in-person (distance permitting), over Skype/telephone or a report can be compiled on the topic for you to read at any time. Pricing highly depends on the topic you require assistance with and the method of communication you require but will generally be in the range of €20-€50/hour.

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