Welcome to my new blog!

It's been a fairly long time since I last ran a blog, but recently I've noticed myself frequently working on things and wishing I could share my solutions and experiences with others, as I believe many of my frustrations could be of use to others to prevent them going through the same thing.

My first proper post will likely be regarding my experiences with my newly ordered phone, the HTC One (M8) which should arrive in the next week. I intend to flash it with a Google Play Edition (GPE) ROM, so that I can get updates directly from Google and not have to wait for HTC to update their pile of bloat that is the Sense UI. Once I'm done I'll write up a nice simple guide on how to convert a HTC One (M8) to the Google Play Edition, which will hopefully be of use to some people.

Talk to you all soon!


Software Developer/Systems Administrator from Dublin, Ireland

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